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Using the Pipe Sizing Tape

The SMARTWORKS program uses your water test data and your survey information to help put together a solution that will provide your operation with premium-quality water. The product mix we recommend will be the ideal system for your needs, and could include a filtration system, a reverse osmosis system, a softening system, or a combination of these.

To size a water softener, we need to know the diameter of the pipe where water enters your building. Your main water source pipe is typically located near the mechanical room. It's the same pipe that enters and exits your hot water heater, if your operation has one. Pipe diameters tend to be .75", 1", 1.5", or in large operations, 2" or 3".

There are two ways to determine the pipe diameter: the first option is to locate a valve on the pipe. Many values have the pipe diameter moulded into the valve. The second option is to simply wrap the pipe tape around the pipe and record the measurement. See the pipe tape for instructions.

Pipe sizing tape

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