Canada’s Everpure
master distributor

Since 1979, we have been the master distributor for Everpure Products. We are very fortunate to do business with the best in the industry. Consider us as your sales partner. If you’re an operator, we’ll keep you operating; if you’re a service or equipment company, we’ll help you sell wider and deeper into your business.  Our long-term relationships are a testament to our commitment to looking after our clients.

Water Filter Applications

Water touches many areas within foodservice, including coffee and espresso brewing, fountain beverages, iced tea brewing, ice making, steam cooking, soups, sauces and reductions, food rinsing, warewashing, and of course, drinking water. Without quality water, all of these can be affected. Think of filtration as an insurance policy for your business and peace of mind for you.

Water Filtration Resources Blog

The water filtration industry is vast, with so much to know about different products and technologies. Depending on your application, there may be various options for you to consider. We dive into these issues, giving our insights into the industry as a whole, with special focuses on sustainability, regulations, and drinking water issues. Join the conversations today.

The Danamark Difference

We aspire to be an organization that is a reflection of the globally diverse audience that we serve. In addition to hiring the best talent, the diversity of perspectives, ideas & culture leads to the creation of better products & services. This diversity serves as the foundation for us to better serve our valued clients.


What can we do for you? Danamark offers many valuable and unique service programs like DanaCare, DanaPro, DanaSurance and DanaPoints.