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Since 1975, we have been making our customers look good, and you’ve never heard of us. We quietly go about our business, we’re behind the scenes. You will see our work, but you will not see us. You can count on us for consistency in delivery; not only the delivery of products but delivery in our values and integrity. We’re here for the long run; we want to have fun along the way and be an easy company to do business with.


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The Danamark Difference

Our ‘Total Water Management’ (TWM) team is ready to go to work for you, managing all aspects of integrating watercare into your operations. We tailor our involvement to meet your scope of work.

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One of the many benefits of being on DanaCare is our free Canadian lifetime warranty on your hardware*. Join at any time and the warranty applies!
* certain conditions apply

DanaPoints is our rewards program designed to recognize and appreciate our valued clients. DanaPoints are calculated on every dollar spent with us and can be redeemed for products on future orders.

Our Founder

Mr. Robin Smith Howlings

Dec. 7th, 1930- Sept. 15th, 2006

Robin was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He served in Korea for 5 years, and returned to marry the love of his life, Daisy Patterson. They immigrated to Canada in 1958 with $500 in their pocket. Robin began his career with Menzies Gibson in sales, eventually transferred to Toronto and began working with Stuart’s Branded Foods Ltd., which was eventually acquired by Nestle. In June of 1975, Robin decided to start his own business and he called it Danamark Ltd. Robin tried a number of ventures, perhaps better phrased as “adventures” before he realized that he needed to go back to his roots.

Being an ex coffee man, Robin decided to get into the coffee equipment business and so Danamark became the Canadian rep. for Reynolds Coffee Equipment. In 1979, Everpure Inc. came to us to be their master distributor for the foodservice, office coffee, vending and consumer markets. We quickly realized what a wonderful business water filtration was and what a fine product Everpure made, so in 1989 we decided to change the nature of our business.

We quickly added a broad range to water filtration products and accessories branching into commercial, industrial and marine duty markets. Robin also conceptualized, designed and innovated a product to convert bottled water coolers into “Point-of-Use” coolers and we have a patent on our design concept called “Quantum”. Robin always said, “You only sell the first widget, service sells the rest.” This has always been and will continue to be our credo and commitment to our customers.

Robin’s legacy of building a great company has touched many people because of his incredible ethics and principles. Robin also taught us that “Your word is everything”. Robin was a wonderfully philosophical man. He was demanding and tough as a boss but that’s because he wanted you to learn and grow and sugar coating it was a waste of time. He always said you can’t take things personally in business so here goes. Robin officially retired from Danamark in December of 1994. Due to a rare form of cancer, Robin passed away on Sept. 15, 2006 in his 75th year.

The RSH Foundation

Here at Danamark, we’re making a difference drop by drop. Quality water is our specialty and we want to give back to the community with environmentally friendly solutions that benefit those in need. We are committed to donating premium quality drinking water filtration systems to various community charities across Canada, including the cost of installation and the ongoing annual filter replacement costs.


If you have a cause that you would like us to look at please email us at rhowlings@danamark.com.  We would love to talk to you.

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