Coffee and Tea are 98% Water

The key to a great cup of java or tea begins with a great cup of water.

The best water for coffee and tea infusion is free of contaminants and low in minerals. And since both are brewed at high temperatures, scale build-up is also a significant factor and can clog or reduce the life of tea-brewing equipment.


Everpure Filtration Systems help ensure:

  • Consistent water quality for better tasting beverages
  • Less equipment downtime and lower energy costs
  • Satisfied customers and increased profits


Everpure Filtration Systems reduce:

  • Abrasion and clogging
  • Scale build-up and corrosion
  • Chlorine off tastes & odours
  • Harmful cysts (cryptosporidium and giardia)
  • Particles down to 1/50,000th of an inch


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