Fountain drinks are 83 percent water, so water quality is of the utmost importance when serving beverages. Microscopic dirt particles that may be found in water will drive carbonation out of a beverage, leaving it stale and unappealing—leading to a much different flavour than that of bottled beverages. Untreated water can also lead to abrasion, clogging and equipment damage.

Below you’ll see charts that display our recommended water specifications. Water used to make fountain beverages or served as drinking water must be potable under local requirements and EPA drinking water standards, and it is recommended to meet the following attribute requirements:

Colour Codes

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Parts per Million (ppm)

Total Hardness (TH)

Grains per Gallon (gpg)


Total Alkalinity (TA)

Parts per Million (ppm)

Free Chlorine (FCl)

Parts per Million (ppm)

Total Chlorine (TCl)

Parts per Million (ppm)

Chlorides (Cl)

Parts per Million (ppm)

Iron (Fe)

Parts per Million (ppm)