Steamers found in foodservice operations everywhere are particularly vulnerable to contaminants in water. Because steam is the key to this type of cooking, the dissolved solids that are found in water hampers boiler efficiency, causing corrosion. Things like solids, chemicals and minerals found in water cause scale buildup, and if not delimed regularly, can cause major damage to the equipment.

Below you’ll see charts that display our recommended water specifications. Water used in steamer equipment is recommended to meet the following attribute requirements:

Colour Codes

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Parts per Million (ppm)

Total Hardness (TH)

Grains per Gallon (gpg)


Total Alkalinity (TA)

Parts per Million (ppm)

Free Chlorine (FCl)

Parts per Million (ppm)

Total Chlorine (TCl)

Parts per Million (ppm)

Chlorides (Cl)

Parts per Million (ppm)

Iron (Fe)

Parts per Million (ppm)