Let us take care of you!

danacare is a unique program to ensure ongoing maintenance on your water filter system.

It provides peace of mind that your investment in watercare will be looked after so that you can look after your customers.

One price, no surprises

One price includes product, labour & travel time!

Pay one flat price, from coast to coast. On top of the physical service performed, we profile your restaurant and maintain a permanent history of all service work, and other relevant data pertaining to your restaurant.

One shoe, doesn't fit all

All service work is based on restaurant‐specific schedules, according to your individual requirements. Water filter life depends on water quality, water pressure and water volume, and this is unique to your restaurant which means the watercare maintenance needs to be tailored.

And a free lifetime warranty

One of the many benefits of being on danacare is our free Canadian lifetime warranty on your hardware*. Join at anytime and the warranty applies!

* certain conditions apply

What else do you wish could be consistently done on a schedule?
At your service

Since our trained service providers are in your restaurants on a fixed schedule, we will be happy to take on more responsibility. Do you have certain tasks that need to be performed on a set schedule?

Let’s discuss!

Express option

If you have an in-house maintenance staff, it may be best to simply get the product from us. We have you covered, with a cheaper danacare option called “Express”. In the spirit of scheduling, we will send you reminders with the list of products to order!