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Welcome To DanaHub

Here you will find tools to help you select, sell and install ‘Watercare’ Products.  While predominantly focused on Pentair Everpure Products, we also have a section on commercial/industrial products.


We have a combination of pdf presentations and videos for you to choose from.  The ‘hub’ is a dynamic tool so check back often to see what’s new in the zoo!  We hope you find this to be helpful and look forward to your feedback.  Please reach out to our team for assistance at askus@danamark.com

Introduction to product applications

The following videos introduce the most popular applications for Everpure products.  We have endeavoured to provide a simple explanation of how each piece of equipment works and how water quality affects the equipment performance and end result.







Training Videos

Covering a broad range of water related topics, we have broken this section down to three categories to help you decide how deep of a dive you want to take.