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Choosing the Right Filter

Give your customers the right answers by asking them the right questions:

  • How important is beverage quality and consistency to your business?
  • How frequently does your equipment require service, and at what cost?
  • Are water-related problems covered under the equipment warranty?
  • Are you looking for consistent water quality across multiple locations?
  • Do you need a specific water mineral content for your ingredient water?
  • Is scale buildup affecting the performance of your water-using equipment?

Sizing Guides & Water Quality Parameters

Everpure Mini Sizing Guide

Danamark Quick Sizing Guide

Danamark Quick Sizing Guide – RO

Everpure Mini Sizing Guide – French

Water Quality Parameters

Choosing the Right Scale Control

How to Specify Videos





Fountain Pop

Everpure Sizing Tool

A 24/7 web-based product selection tool for Everpure-branded water treatment solutions. Accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Site Survey Questionnaire

Here is a recommended check list of things to look for, prior to specifying and installing water filtration equipment.  This questionnaire is based on our years of experience.  If you would like our feedback on your findings, please forward this to our technical care team