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Installation & Operations

Here we are sharing with you examples of installations that we have in the field along with suggested plumbing schematics.  Please note that these photos were not taken by professional photographers.  These are not fancy but they get the job done.


To find specific installation & operation guides on our products, you have two options. You can click on the ‘Products’ tab at the top or use our search tool and key in the specific product you are looking for.


Take a walk through our FAQ’s section and let us know if you have a question that we haven’t answered!  Contact us here


The following schematics are meant to provide assistance with installations but are by no means gospel.  They are intended as an enhancement to the installation and operation guides that are provided with the product.  In some cases, we have shown how to hook up to multiple pieces of beverage or cooking equipment, using multiple pieces of water treatment equipment.

Coke Freestyle & Ice

Quad CSR Plus

MRS600 with Twin Softener

MRS600 with Kiosk Softener

Kleensteam with Prefilter & Tank

Coldrink Quad with UV

MRS600 Installation Detail

Quad CSR Installation Detail

Examples of Coldrink Applications

Multiple CB20-302E

Remote SRX Feeders

Multiple RO with Softener

MRS350 RO for Espresso


At this time, we just have installation videos on the MRS600 Reverse Osmosis system.  Below that, is a video on how to change the filters on a high flow CSR system.

HE-I Introduction

HE-I Overview

HE-I Installation

HE-I Disinfection

HE-I Maintenance

HE-2 Installation

High Flow Quad CSR Cartridge Replacement

Installation Photographs

Click on the ‘view’ button to learn more about each installation.

Multiple MRS225CC RO Systems

Multiple CB20-312E Systems

Coldrink Quad with Softener

Alternating Model 2900 Softeners

Whole Store Softener

Harmsco Hurricane 150 gpm POE

Harmsco WaterBetter 100 gpm POE

Quad with Bypass

Tim Horton’s Afghanistan

Triple CSR without Bypass

Claris with Prefilter

Coke Freestyle Set Up

MRS600 HE-II with Softener

MRS600 HE-II with Softener & Twin Storage Tanks

Conserv LTS RO System

Danamark Filter Boards

Here are examples of customized boards that we build, to provide a ‘plug and play’ installation.

Multiple High Flow Systems

Chloramine Reduction Set Up

Quad CSR & Coldrink with SimpliFlow Manifolds

Quad CSR with ShurFlo Booster

High Volume Concession Set Up

Prefab System Ready to Go!