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Market Specific

When it comes to the need for quality water, there is no shortage of applications and markets for you to pursue.  In this section, we will share with you all of the market data, case studies and overall sales tools that we have currently available on non-traditional foodservice opportunities.


These days, Grocery stores are becoming ‘destinations’ for not only food to buy, but also to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Many also offer cooking classes and great hot take-out meals to go.  Steam cooking is a big application, along with ice machines.

The Grocery Store Grill

The Market & Water Treatment Opportunities


In addition to the many branded Foodservice operations within hospitals, drinking water and ice machines are important opportunities.  Check out ASHRAE Std. 188 for Ice Machine/Water Dispensers, which you will find on every floor of a hospital and long term healthcare facility.

Sales Call Guide

Patient Water Quality in Healthcare Foodservice

Patient / Staff Focused Water

Protocol Study in Acute and Long Term Care Facilities

Sustainable Water for Healthcare

Ice Machine Compliance – Ashrae Std. 188