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Sales Tools

In this section, we have a variety of tools to help you with your sales efforts as well as examples of Everpure product displays for your showroom.

Showroom Displays & Posters

Here are examples of showroom posters and free standing displays.

Everpure Grill Poster – Version 1

Everpure Grill Poster – Version 2

Everpure Grill Poster – Version 1 – French

Showroom Display

Cash and Carry Poster

Water Filtration You Can Trust

Business Development

Tools to help you with new accounts.

Business Development Discovery Questionnaire

Door Opener Brochure

Sales Presentation


Here we post videos covering a variety of topics.

Conserv HE3 Reverse Osmosis

Conserv LTS Reverse Osmosis

How Everpure Filters are Made

Solutions for Foodservice

Everpure Testimonial

For Coffee Lovers & Baristas

Product Selling Guides

Here you will find a collection of 1 to 2 page pdf’s that highlight the key selling points of new product launches.

Claris Prime

FC Systems and Cartridges

SimpliFlow Water Management

4SI / 7SI Slime Reduction Cartridges

Endurance High Flow Systems

Endurance SEN Upgrade Kit

Claris Ultra

Conserv HE-3

7CLM+ and XCLM+ Products

DIO (dual inlet/dual outlet) Manifold Launch Bulletin

Product Presentations

Product Specific PowerPoint presentations (converted to pdf).

Conserv HE-3 Sales Presentation

Conserv LTS Reverse Osmosis Sales Presentation

Claris Prime Sales Presentation

7CLM+ / XCLM+ Systems Sales Presentation

DIO Manifold Sales Presentation

FC-L Lead Reduction Cartridges Sales Presentation

4SI / 7SI Slime Reduction Cartridges Sales Presentation

Reference Tools

This section is a reference library covering a broad range of topics.

Case Study – HMS Host Onroute Tim Hortons Cafes

Improve Your Return on Investment

Revenue Stream Opportunity

Got Scale? Get The Facts!

Reduce Utility & Maintenance Costs

Minimize Equipment Downtime

Go Green & Reduce Costs

Increase Customer Service & Revenue

Increase Productivity & Save Time

Water Terms Encyclopedia

Foodservice Products Catalogue

Head Start Programme

Everpure Cross Reference Guide for Competitive Filters

Foodservice Reverse Osmosis