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Sales Tools

In this section, we have a variety of tools to help you with your sales efforts as well as examples of Everpure product displays for your showroom.

Showroom Displays & Posters

Here are examples of showroom posters and free standing displays.

Everpure Grill Poster – Version 1

Everpure Grill Poster – Version 2

Everpure Grill Poster – Version 1 – French

Showroom Display

Cash and Carry Poster

Water Filtration You Can Trust

Business Development

Tools to help you with new ‘end-user’ accounts.

Business Development Discovery Questionnaire

Door Opener Brochure

Sales Presentation

Sales Videos

Here we post videos to help you with your sales efforts.

Everpure Testimonial

For Coffee Lovers & Baristas

Product Selling Guides

Here you will find a collection of 1 to 2 page pdf’s that highlight the key selling points of new product launches.

Claris Prime

FC Systems and Cartridges

SimpliFlow Water Management

4SI / 7SI Slime Reduction Cartridges

Endurance High Flow Systems

Endurance SEN Upgrade Kit

Claris Ultra

Conserv HE-3

7CLM+ and XCLM+ Products

DIO (dual inlet/dual outlet) Manifold Launch Bulletin

Product Presentations

Product Specific PowerPoint presentations (converted to pdf).

Conserv HE-3 Sales Presentation

Conserv LTS Reverse Osmosis Sales Presentation

Claris Prime Sales Presentation

7CLM+ / XCLM+ Systems Sales Presentation

DIO Manifold Sales Presentation

FC-L Lead Reduction Cartridges Sales Presentation

4SI / 7SI Slime Reduction Cartridges Sales Presentation

Reference Tools

This section is a reference library covering a broad range of topics.

Case Study – HMS Host Onroute Tim Hortons Cafes

Improve Your Return on Investment

Revenue Stream Opportunity

Got Scale? Get The Facts!

Reduce Utility & Maintenance Costs

Minimize Equipment Downtime

Go Green & Reduce Costs

Increase Customer Service & Revenue

Increase Productivity & Save Time

Water Terms Encyclopedia

Foodservice Products Catalogue

Head Start Programme

Everpure Cross Reference Guide for Competitive Filters

Foodservice Reverse Osmosis