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Training Videos

The following Pentair produced videos are strictly product knowledge training videos.  They can be quite long and as such, you may choose to watch them in sound bites or when you can set aside the time.  They may also prove useful for training service technicians and onboarding new members of your sales team.

Basic Training

This library of videos provide in-depth product knowledge but are by no means basic. They are the foundation before moving on to the advanced and seminar training sessions.  As we have always said about this business, ‘the water treatment business is wet but it’s really dry’.  In otherwords, it’s not a sexy business and the learning can be quite dry at times.  So settle in with a good cup of coffee or your favorite libation!

Everpure Technologies

Identifying Water Contaminants

Water Contaminants & Their Sources

Basics of Filtration

Advanced Training

Here you can do a deep dumpster dive into water treatment technology and take your learning to another level.  This is where you refresh that cup of java or refill your wine glass and settle in for more riveting entertainment!

Whole Store

Water Pressure



Water Chemistry

Reverse Osmosis

Ion Exchange

Seminar Training Sessions

As with the previous two categories, this is a continuation of training sessions by Pentair.  These are all tapped sessions of online seminars given by Pentair over the years.  If you have managed to get this far, congratulations and well done!

Reading Water Analysis Reports

Reverse Osmosis

Plumbing’s Impact

Stainless Steel Pitting

Phosphate & Scale Control

Water Boost

Langlier Saturation Index (LSI)

Water Testing

Water as a Managed Resource

Filtration Mechanics

How to Specify Everpure

Review of Pentair Technology