Call us before you dig!

The story of danamaps starts from this age old slogan we have at Danamark – “Call us before you dig!”. Over the years we have collected water quality data across North America. If you’re thinking of opening a new restaurant or cafe, we are here to help. Using you can, at anytime and anywhere, use this wealth of data to your advantage!

Water Quality Nearby

Right at the homepage you can look for water quality near your current location at the press of a button. Or type in an address. To help you understand what the numbers really mean, we present the data in a friendly format that simply tells you whether the water is in or out of spec for a number of applications.

Custom Lab Tests

You can order custom water quality testing. We have options ranging from a quick and easy SMARTWORKS test from Pentair, that you can perform yourself. All the way to specially designed tests by a Certified Lab, that can look for every possible contaminant in your water. Simply point and shoot!

Multiple Location Summary

You can add multiple sites to at once. This will enable you to keep an eye on the nearby water quality for all of them. The quick pie charts tell you exactly what percentage of your sites could be experiencing issues due to water quality.

What business data did you always want to see on a map?
Use your own data

danamaps has been built on a flexible platform that can be customized to take advantage of data in any shape or form. We can build a custom solution just for you. You will benefit from our pre-designed tools and have the flexibility to modify anything you like.

Free Maps

Since we’ve created the engine that drives our data mining, we thought of giving back to the community by making the data sourced from Canadian Water Quality Association (CWQA) available to all for free.