Tailored Solutions for Your Foodservice Operations!

Imagine having all your restaurants’ data at your fingertips through a secure and fully customizable web application. That’s danasmart for you! It ties in all your restaurants’ service needs, equipment specifications & standards into one easy-to-manage platform.

And when we say restaurants, we mean all foodservice operations, everything including kitchens, nursing homes, hospitals and theme parks. Basically, if you’re serving food and beverages to the public… danasmart is for you!

Securely access your data

We understand that data security is not just a need, but a prerequisite, when it comes to cloud applications. We have made sure that all your data will be protected from prying eyes. To ensure maximum adoption, user registration is intuitive. However, you control what data is visible to which stakeholders, through an easy to use permission system built-in.

Advanced maps and search

All your restaurants’ data can be stored in one place. We will create customized fields to store specific information for each location. Allowing you to slice and dice the information every which way. The advanced search screen can help you filter the long list to just the locations you are interested in. The built-in map will give you a geographical view of your reach!

Manage critical events

We wished they never happen, but unexpected events such as power and water outages or boil water advisories are a part of business operations. Using danasmart, you can keep track of such events and with enough data, identify areas of high frequency. This could help you predict and plan for the upcoming years!

What data did you always want in the cloud?
Customizable to the bone

danasmart has been built on a flexible platform that can be customized to take advantage of data in any shape or form. We can build a custom solution just for you. You will benefit from our pre-designed tools and have the flexibility to modify anything you like.

Design based on data

The ability to capture a slew of data points on each restaurant, could mean a lot of things. But most of all, it means making decisions based on data!

From something as simple as buying a dishwasher based on the number dishes washed per day… all the way to something as complicated as a water filtration system based on water chemistry!

Keep track of all your assets

Keeping tabs on your investment in restaurant equipment could be a hard nut to crack when you have hundreds of systems to take care of. Who knows which restaurants have which model of what equipment installed and since when? With danasmart, you can set it and forget it. And when you need to upgrade any one piece, the data is all there. Simply mark the equipment as obsolete and everyone can get notified!

Service records at your fingertips

A lot could be done with the service call data that you store in danasmart. For instance, you could assess the average life span of each piece of equipment in your restaurants, which would help create more accurate annual budgets. It could also help you predict which locations are inclined to have more service calls than others, or if a PM program might make more economical sense!