Pentair® Everpure® EZ-RO™ Reverse Osmosis Systems

High Output / High Efficiency

EZ-RO System

Easy, Expandable, and Efficient. That’s the new EZ-RO


Choosing the right filtration system is essential for foodservice applications to ensure a consistent, quality customer experience. The Pentair® Everpure® EZ-RO™ is all that’s needed to reduce contaminants and protect equipment with one simple system that can grow with your business.


EASY – Intuitive from start to service.
• ONE SYSTEM HAS IT ALL. Everything you need is included with no additional SKUs or costs.
• HASSLE-FREE SETUP AND MAINTENANCE. Easy installation kit and easy-to-access ports make operating and servicing EZ-RO a breeze.


EXPANDABLE – A system that grows with your business.
• ROOM TO GROW. Larger capacity membrane filter and tank sizes fit into the same compact
EZ-RO system without having to replace the processor.
• FLEXIBLE FIT. EZ-RO can be wall mounted, free standing, or under the counter thanks to its space-saving, compact design.


EFFICIENT – Created for superior performance.
• MAXIMUM WATER SAVINGS AND OUTPUT. High efficiency RO membrane saves up to two times more water than standard RO membranes.*
• RE-MINERALIZATION LIKE NO OTHER. The EZ-RO adds back calcium and magnesium to help protect equipment, enhance coffee extraction, and improve water taste.


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  • Service Flow Rate: Please refer to spec sheets
  • Pressure Requirements: 50 – 100 psi (3.5 – 6.9 bar), non-shock
  • Maximum Temperature: 40–100°F (4 – 38°C)
  • Capacity: Please refer to spec sheets
  • Dimensions: Please refer to spec sheets

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