Everpure® Inline Filters

General Beverage & OCS Economical Filters


A complete line of economical in-line filters suitable for many foodservice and office coffee applications.  Depending on the model, features include the reduction of chlorine, sediment, lead and cysts.

  • Available with quick disconnect fittings which make installation fast and simple
  • NSF Certified under NSF Standards 42 for taste and odour reduction
  • In-line design is compact and installs out of sight behind equipment
  • In-line UV system also available


Please click on the “DOCUMENTS” tab below to see the full product line spec sheets.


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  • Service Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm (1.9 Lpm) - 1 gpm (3.8 Lpm)
  • Pressure Requirements: 10 – 125 psi (0.7 – 8.6 bar), non-shock -
  • Maximum Temperature: 35 – 100°F (2 – 38°C)
  • Capacity: 2,400 gallons (9,085 L) - 5,000 gallons (18,927 L)

How often should I change my filters?

In order for Everpure filters to perform as represented and to provide the best quality water possible, it is essential that filters be replaced periodically. The frequency of filter changes depends upon your water quality and your water usage. similar sites . For example, if there is a lot of...

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