Everpure® QL2-OCS, QL3-BH & QC7i-MH Systems

Coffee Filtration Systems

Everpure® QL3-BH & QC7i-MH Systems for Coffee

Coffee & Tea are 98% water


You can’t make a good cup of coffee without a good cup of water!  Everpure water filters for coffee ensure you have consistent quality each and every day ensuring your customers enjoy the same consistent experience.  Satisfied customers mean increased profits!


The BH and MH systems are identical in quality and performance, the only difference is in capacity and flow rate.  If you have the room to accommodate a longer filter, we recommend the QC7i-MH system.  It provides 3 x the flow rate and 3 x the capacity but not at 3 x the price!


Benefits include:

  • reduced scale build up and corrosion
  • less equipment downtime and lower energy costs
  • removal of chlorine off taste & odours
  • 0.5 micron particulate reduction
  • turbidity reduction
  • cyst reduction
  • NSF® Certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53
  • Sanitary cartridge replacement is simple, quick and clean; internal filter parts are never exposed to handling
    or contamination
  • Proprietary Micro-Pure® II filtration media effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria on the filter media that can decrease product life


Learn about Bacteria Reduction in Everpure Precoat Water Filters.


Four models to choose from:

Part No. EV9275-60 QL2-OCS System – 0.5 gallon per minute flow rate – 1,500 gallons capacity

Part No.  EV9272-00 QL3-BH System – 0.5 gallon per minute flow rate – 3,000 gallons capacity

Part No.  EV9275-04 – QC7i-MH System – 1.67 gallons per minute flow rate – 9,000 gallons capacity

Part No. EV9275-05 – QC7i-MH Twin System – 3.34 gallons per minute flow rate – 18,000 gallons capacity



  • We recommend changing your water filter when the flow rate becomes inconveniently slow or a minimum of once a year
  • This timeline can vary depending on your incoming water pressure, water quality and consumption
  • Use only genuine Everpure replacement cartridges to protect your system’s performance, NSF Certification and manufacturer’s warranty
  • All systems come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Let us help you choose the right system at technicalcare@danamark.com


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  • Service Flow Rate: Please refer to individual spec sheets
  • Pressure Requirements: 10 – 125 psi (0.7 – 8.6 bar), non-shock
  • Maximum Temperature: 35 – 100°F (2 – 38°C)
  • Capacity: Please refer to individual spec sheets
  • Dimensions: Please refer to individual spec sheets

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