Everpure® Costguard CGS Housings


everpure costguard value filtration

Everpure Costguard drop-in filters and housings provide value-priced options for fountain, ice, coffee and steam applications


  • Low profile slimline single, dual or triple housings
  • Available in series and parallel configurations
  • Available in 10 inch and 20 inch housings
  • Manufactured of durable polypropylene
  • Includes water pressure gauge and mounting bracket (fully assembled)
  • Broad range of cartridges to choose from
  • Cartridges can fit into standard 10 and 20 inch housings
  • Cartridges sold separately
  • Applications are numerous due to the versatility of the system and the ability to customized which cartridges are used


We also have systems for steam and combi-steam applications:

  • EV9797-82 SC10-11  10-inch Twin Series
  • EV9797-83 SC10-21  20-inch Twin Series


Let us help you with choosing the right system at technicalcare@danamark.com.


Please click on the “DOCUMENTS” tab to see the full product line spec sheets.


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  • Service Flow Rate: from 2 gpm (7.6 Lpm) up to 6 gpm (22.7 Lpm)
  • Pressure Requirements: 30 - 125 psi (2.1 - 8.6 bar), 10 - 125 psi (0.7 - 8.6 bar),non-shock
  • Maximum Temperature: 35 - 100°F (4.4 - 38°C)
  • Capacity: n/a - depends on cartridges used
  • Dimensions: Please refer to spec sheets

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