Everpure® Residential H-54, H104, H-300 & H1200 Systems

Lead Reduction

Everpure® Residential H-54, H104, H-300 & H1200 Systems

Residential Drinking Water Systems

The Everpure Advantage – Bringing Commercial Grade Technology to your Home


Wellness begins with water and reliable access to clean, quality water is essential:
Utilizing the same technology used around the world in restaurants and coffee houses, Pentair Everpure brings superior residential filtration into your home. Everpure commercial grade water filtration systems reduce contaminants that affect water taste while preserving the valuable minerals and vitamins naturally found in drinking water. Pentair Everpure can provide peace of mind with clean, great-tasting water in your home.


The Environment: Just think of the number of plastic bottles you will be saving from landfills.  Our smallest system replaces 5680 x 500 ml. bottles


Lead Reduction: All Everpure Residential Systems are third-party NSF std. 58 certified for parasitic cyst reduction and Lead reduction.


Ease of Replacement: Patented quick-change technology for easy cartridge replacement.


The H300 System – our best seller for the past ten years – bottled water equivalent – 2,272 x 500 ml. bottles.  Read more


The H300 NXT System – The NXT is the first of its kind to receive the NSF/ANSI Standard 401 certification to reduce emerging contaminants that may be found in your water. These contaminants include: some pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter medications, and chemicals used in manufacturing like bisphenol A (BPA).  Read more


The H1200 System – Provides extra protection against a variety of contaminants including MTBE – bottled water equivalent – 7,573 x 500 ml. bottles – Read more


The H54 System – Our premium 0.5 micron drinking water system in a compact footprint – bottled water equivalent – 5680 x 500 ml. bottles.


The H104 System – A larger version of the H54 – bottled water equivalent – 7573 x 500 ml. bottles.



  • We recommend changing your water filter when the flow rate becomes inconveniently slow or a minimum of once a year
  • This timeline can vary depending on your incoming water pressure, water quality and consumption
  • Use only genuine Everpure replacement cartridges to protect your system’s performance, NSF Certification and manufacturer’s warranty


Let us help you with choosing the right system at technicalcare@danamark.com.


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  • Service Flow Rate: 0.5 gallons per minute
  • Pressure Requirements: 10-125 psi (0.7-8.6 bar) non-shock
  • Maximum Temperature: 35-100° F (2-38° C) cold water use only
  • Capacity: Please refer to spec sheets
  • Dimensions: Please refer to spec sheets

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Arsenic Contamination

Arsenic is commonly associated with deadly toxins since it was a poison of choice throughout history. Arsenic is a metal that naturally occurs in certain rocks formations and soil layers. It is commonly found mixed with gold, copper and silver ores and is released naturally into air by volcanoes...

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