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Claris Softening

Unique Water Filtration & Softening Technology


Everpure Claris Filtration Systems have been specifically developed to remove a range of contaminants, such as particles or unwanted taste & odour, in hot drinks such as tea and espresso as well as in steam cooking equipment.


Iced Tea: The perfect solution for cloudy iced tea, the Claris Ultra L system dramatically improves the look and taste!


Using unique water purification and softening technology, these systems are able to effectively combine hardness reduction, mineral stabilization and corrosion inhibition by maintaining  a controlled low carbonic acid level. This is similar to softening but achieved using a different technology.


Features & Benefits:

  • DuoBlend bypass valve allows for precise adjustment of carbonate hardness
  • Built-in flush valve and backflow preventer
  • Automatic inlet and outlet means dry cartridge change with little water
  • System operates in either a vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Valve-in head design allows the system to depressurize by itself during cartridge changeout
  • Universal head fits all Claris cartridges
  • Flat cartridge connector allows filter replacement in limited space
  • Built-in prefiltration removes coarse particles
  • Carbonate hardness is adjusted through an ion exchange process


The newest cartridge in the Everpure Claris family is Claris Prime, the next level of Claris technology. Claris Prime goes a step beyond Claris Ultra with three key benefits:

  • chloride and sulphate reduction
  • adjustable chloride and sulphate levels
  • adjustable total dissolved solid (TDS) levels


Claris Prime is available in one size only, XXL  with a capacity range of 557-1,255 gallons (2,110-4,750 litres) based on application.


Claris Ultra provides the widest capacity range on the market today. There are five models, with a capacity range of 660 gallons up to 5,283 gallons (2,500 to 20,000 litres).


Everpure Claris Full Line Systems Brochure


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  • Service Flow Rate: Please refer to spec sheets
  • Pressure Requirements: 10 – 125 psi (0.7 – 8.6 bar), 29 - 116 psi (2 – 8 bar)
  • Maximum Temperature: 39 - 86°F (4 - 30°C), 35 – 100°F (2 – 38°C)
  • Capacity: Please refer to spec sheets
  • Dimensions: Please refer to spec sheets

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