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Single Temperature:
Pentair Everpure* single-temperature filter faucets deliver a steady stream of premium quality filtered water from Everpure commercial grade water filtration systems and are available in stunning finishes and colors to match today’s high-end kitchen designs.


• Versatile design
• Selection of beautiful finishes to match the most popular designer faucets
• Lead-free
• Forged brass construction
• Aerator tip provides even, clear stream of filtered water
• Easy installation
• Compatible with reverse osmosis systems with the use of a separate
air gap
• Certified to NSF/ANSI 61


Dual Temperature for Hot & Cold Water:
Pentair Everpure* hot/cold drinking water faucets deliver cold or ambient filtered water and near boiling instant hot water from a single spout. They are exclusively designed to be used with the Everpure Solaria Hot Water Dispenser and other vented instant hot systems. The cold side may be connected to the Everpure Polaria Water Chiller for refreshingly chilled drinking water or simply enjoy ambient filtered water from any Everpure Drinking Water System. Constructed of solid stainless steel, and available in two different finishes,  providing lasting durability for your family’s drinking water pleasures.


Everpure Dual-Temperature Drinking Water Faucets are engineered to be used with:
• Everpure Drinking Water filtration systems
• Everpure Solaria Instant Hot Dispenser Model CGHE-1
• Everpure Polaria Water Chiller Model CGCL-1


• Dual handle design
• Available in Polished Stainless and Brushed Stainless finishes
• Features blue and red indicators on handles to distinguish cold and hot
• Spring-loaded “hot” shut off valve safety feature
• Insulated heat-resistant spout
• Ceramic disc type valve
• Designed to be used exclusively with vented instant hot systems
• Lead-free
• Aerator tip provides an even, clear stream of filtered water
• Compatible with reverse osmosis systems with the use of a separate air gap


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  • Service Flow Rate: 0.5 gal/min (1.9 L/min)
  • Pressure Requirements: 20-90 psi (1.38-6.21 bar)
  • Maximum Temperature: 50-90°F (10-35°C), 50-212°F (10-100°C)
  • Capacity: n/a
  • Dimensions: Please refer to spec sheets

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