NSF International Rejects Hybrid Systems

NSF International Rejects Hybrid Systems

Several Everpure competitors now produce counterfeit replacement filter cartridges or adapters for cartridges designed to fit Everpure filter heads, thus enabling their products to be used in place of legitimate Everpure replacement cartridges.

Such “hybrid” systems—one company’s head mated to another company’s bowl or cartridge—are questionable because there is no control of form, fit and function. We don’t know their manufacturing tolerances and they don’t know ours, so getting a proper fit can be mostly a matter of luck. There may be an external leak, so that a puddle (or a flood!) collects on the floor.

There could also be an internal leak, so that some of the incoming water simply short-circuits directly to the effluent, without ever going though the filter. If the original filtration system was there to protect against Cryptosporidium oocysts in the water, or lead contamination, an internal by-pass can be a serious matter.

Even if the fit is good, there is no assurance that such substitution duplicates any of the performance functions of the original product. In addition, an untested, uncertified cartridge or adapter may not be made of dependable materials and may not have the necessary mechanical strength.

NSF International established years ago that this practice is against their policies and not in the best interest of public safety. There are policies prohibiting competitors from offering any product for use in place of another certified product (Program Policy 11). “NSF has very strict policies regarding the testing and certification of hybrid systems. Per Program Policy 11, NSF must receive prior to testing, written authorization from both companies that they wish to have a hybrid system tested for certification.

This authorization must be received prior to any testing even beginning, as it is against policy for NSF to begin a test of a hybrid system without prior written authorization. There are times that, unknown to NSF, a hybrid system is received by NSF for testing. In these cases, NSF staff (program office and/or lab staff) has flagged these as hybrid and contacted the manufacturer for the authorization letter to conduct  this testing.” — Shannon Murphy, Operations Manager, NSF Drinking Water Treatment Unit.

We must educate our customers to the fact that they are taking a terrible risk if they buy and install non-genuine Everpure replacement cartridges for their Everpure drinking water systems.

This Technical Bulletin is courtesy of Pentair Everpure, Inc.