Water Conservation : Outreach Programs

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Water Conservation : Outreach Programs

Water conservation in the hotel and restaurant business is not only good for business but good for the environment. There are various resources available today to help restaurants and hotels save water.  For example, Ice machines.  Many brands are designed with this in mind.  Important water treatment solutions, that are needed in areas of hard water, are designed with this in mind. 

While such tools are useful in saving water, it is equally important to promote a culture of water conservation and smart energy use among staff and guests.


Promoting a culture of water conservation and sustainability has many advantages:

  • Cost savings by limiting the amount of water use
  • Enhanced staff engagement. (Staff feels involved and takes responsibility for optimizing usage of water and energy).
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (Improved corporate image especially among the environmentally-conscious clientele).


There are many simple practices that employees can incorporate into their daily routine to conserve water, such as:

  • Using refrigerators instead of running water to defrost frozen products.
  • Keeping pasta cookers at a simmer rather than boiling water.
  • Covering the lid on boiling water to minimize amount of water added.
  • Using white recyclable paper table covers over linens to reduce the frequency of laundering.

Hotels can achieve significant water conservation by extending outreach programs to guests.  The most popular program in hotels for water savings is the towel and linen reuse programs.

Towels and Linens:

Major hotel chains have saved significant amounts of water by adopting the towel and linen reuse programs.  The Marriott International estimates that their linen reuse program saves up to 17% of its water and wastewater treatment costs annually throughout its 3,200 hotels worldwide. The Intercontinental Hotel estimates that it saves close to 200 million litres of water annually in the United States alone.

In the towel and linen reuse program, guests are given the option of reusing their linens throughout their stay. This program has been proven to be one of the most cost effective methods to save water and energy in hotels.

A simple reminder to guests, such as placing placards in visible locations, with a simple message:

  • Emphasize the precious value of water
  • The need to reduce water use
  • Requesting guests to reuse towels and linens before requesting laundering
  • The procedure to request laundering of towels and linens, such as placing the towels in the tub

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